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Privacy policy

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What cookies are

In our site we use 'Cookies', which are essentially a standard tool for every web browser to follow your use of websites. It helps you navigate the sites faster, remembers which parts you visited and loads them faster the next time you visit a site. We do not share your data with 3rd parties!

Documents - detailed policy descriptions

Detailed policy descriptions.

  1. Privacy policy - download here. English version download here.
  2. Information about the type and quantity of the data collected by the data admin 'Bolsa' ltd – download here. English version download here.
  3. Information about the type and quantity of the data collected by the data admin 'Bolsa' ltd with video surveillance - download here. English version download here.
  4. A request to access personal data - download here. English version download here


We do not allow user left comments on our site, registered or not. Respectively, we do not collect data from comments.


At this moment, we do not allow the upload of any type of media (photos, video, others) by users.

What other type of data do we collect?

By submitting an inquiry through one of the contact forms on our site, we receive your email and the required data filled in. This data will only be used to get back in touch with you and won't be shared with 3rd parties. In case you want to erase all the data we have, please get in touch at the email written below.

Embedded data from other sites

In case our articles include media from other sites, the embedded data in them is the same, which was at the site of origin. We only use media from our own authorized sources and from sites, which grant the use of pictures available for commercial use, such as

How long do we keep your data?

No comments data is collected.

At the moment no registration is available on the website.

What are your rights over your data?

You have complete and undisputed rights over your data and in case you want us to send you over the data we have collected as an exported file, we will do so upon request at the mail specified for contacts below.

Get in touch

In case you want to reach out to our GDPR officer, please get in touch at:

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