The Residence Exclusive Club is located in the building, known in the past as „Yablanski's house“. Dimitar Yablanski, an army officer and later financier and politician, served also as a Mayor of Sofia.

In 1906 he commissioned the project for his big house to Friedrich Grünanger, the brightest of all foreigh architects who shaped the city center of Sofia in the end of 19-th and beginning of 20-th century. (Grünanger designs one wing of the Royal Palace, the Spiritual Academy, the Seminary, the Synagogue, Central Mineral Bath, and many other impressive buildings in the capital). The house is in neo-baroque style with some Renaissance elements, outlining its luxurious appointment. The exterior decoration was the work of the royal decorator of the Bulgarian Royal Family, Andreas Greis.

After September 9, 1944, the house was nationalized and used as Chinese Embassy until 1991. In 1955 it was announced part of the national cultural heritage and today, more than a century later, it shines in its original beauty, combined with very careful modernization.



The complex restoration of one of the signature buildings in Sofia's centre was a long, meticulous process, paying great attention to every detail. Only that way could the authentic, unique beauty be properly preserved. The joint Austrian-Bulgarian restoration team included more than 25 restorers, sculptors, artists and consultants who carefully cleaned, retouched and restored even the smallest elements – sculptures, decorations, ornaments, stucco, ceilings.

Logically, the interior today harmonizes with the new purpose of the building and is dominated by contemporary decoration. That way the house is perfectly restored – naturally, not in its original appearance, but with preserved basic spaces, plus a very stylish blend with modern and innovative elements. The building has new spark and definitely qualifies as a symbol of architectural heritage of Sofia and modern masterpiece alike.